How to Bring a Large Scale Societal Change Without Money

Khushroo Poacha, an Indian Railways employee from Nagpur stands by the belief that for good work, you don’t need money. Following this philosophy, he has created a positive impact in the lives of lakhs of people.

Poacha runs two initiatives, ‘Indian Blood‘ and ‘Seva Kitchen‘. The first initiative connects potential donors with those in the urgent need of blood. The second initiative provides free meals to the patients and their relatives in the hospitals. He has another website for blood donation called Platelet Donors. 

Khushroo Poacha
Khushroo Poacha

Photo: Anshika Verma

It’s been several years and Poacha has never taken any funding or financial support for anyone. All his initiatives work with help of volunteers and like minded people.


He believes one can create a large scale societal impact even if he/she does not have money.  By creating WhatsApp groups, website and a network of dedicated people, Poacha has made sure his initiatives are sustainable and will continue to exist even without him.

One of the fridges in the hospitals managed by Seva Kitchen

Photo: Khushroo Poacha

In this podcast, Poacha explains how he managed to create these platforms and became a changemaker without any money.

Music: Bensound November

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