Our Impact

Our stories have led to some incredible impact on the ground. Here are some of the ways we have created a positive impact.

This story on a low-cost water filter garnered global interest. The innovator received over 5,000 new queries for his product from all over the world.

This story on Soniya Choudhary, an acid attack survivour resulted in raising funds for her new business.

This story on Moni Begum, a young changemaker from Bangladesh, and how she is eliminating child labour from her village was widely shared.

Five people came forward to provide her financial assistance.

This story on the LGBTQ community and the problems they face while donating blood went viral globally.

It was translated in multiple languages and was published by international media houses. The story triggered a policy-level discussion and the interventions required in this field. Many social media groups were also formed to support the main source of this story.
This is just the beginning. And with your help, we are on our way to drive bigger change through stories.
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