About us

The Stories of Change was started in July 2017 with a mission to document lesser reported solution stories. We go beyond just reporting problem statements by covering detailed and well researched solution stories.

With an aim to include more local voices in the news that we consume, The Stories of Change works with grassroots and rural reporters to bring out those lesser known stories which remain unreported by the mainstream media.

We have often reported serious issues like labour exploitation, gender violence, farmer issues, and much more with a unique solution-based approach.

Our stories have created both large and small scale impact on the ground. From generating revenues for an acid attack survivor to raising awareness and triggering global level discussions about LGBTQ+ rights, our stories have proven the power of storytelling and in return established our faith in solution journalism.

We are a bootstrapped organisation full of highly motivated journalists. True to the journalism ethics, we document all our information first hand and pay high attention to fact checking and authenticity of news.

Our team consists of freelance reporters located at different locations in India who regularly provide us with quality content. This diverse team has not just reduced the carbon footprint of our organisation but has also given us multiple local voices to our content.

In our short journey, we have been recognised as a credible platform that generates quality content. We were awarded The Digital Women Award by SheThePeople, Google, and Axis Bank in 2017 for “Unique Content curation”.

The Stories of Change is owned by Kaner Media (OPC) Private Limited.