Innovative Ideas That Transformed A University of 318000 students In Naxal Infested Jharkhand

Vinoba Bhave University of Jharkhand witnessed an alarming faculty to student ratio of 1:400. Located in one of the most backward states of India, which is also infested with naxalism, the university faced many challenges. But a few innovative ideas have completely transformed this giant university.


Solving Water Woes of Indian Farmers One Borewell at a Time

Farmers in Hubali were digging one borewell after another looking for water to irrigate their farms. Some of them dug around 30 borewells and still faced water scarcity. All of this changed when they adopted a simple and low cost method of borewell recharge. Today, they have abundant water throughout the year and a flourishing crop. This is how they did it!

The Diary of a Muslim Transgender Girl

"I am prescribed hormones for transitioning to femininity. But, I am not taking them. If my family knew they would throw me out. I am stressed and depressed over not taking the hormones. My inner woman is crying. She wants to be free and I am not freeing her."

A Forgotten Toy Story of Etikoppaka

The ancient Etikoppaka toys are gradually losing its glory. With the Chinese products overpowering the market, these humble artisans are doing all they can to survive. Here is a peek inside this art form and how one man is helping to revive the industry.

Freedom Tales: Ram Gopal’s Bitter Sweet Memories

Ram Gopal Arora recalls the night of the partition, its aftermath and the hardships he faced. He has bitter sweet memories of that time. While the challenges he and his family faced that time still ache his heart, he fondly remembers his Muslim friend from Pakistan who helped him survive the most difficult time of his life.

Freedom Tales: Dhankanwar Bai’s First Celebration

Dhankanwar Bai Jee was 17-year-old when India became a free nation. Hailing from Jaipur, she recalls the first morning of free India, the celebrations and how simple things changed for her post independence. Watch more such stories on our YouTube channel. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Other Side: Partition Tales From Pakistan

Mohammad Rafeek, a 90-year-old daily wage labourer from Pakistan recalls the day United India got freed from the clutches of British rule. He then relocated to Pakistan with his entire village overnight. Watch the conversation where he shares his memories of the partition: Check out a slideshow on faces of Pakistan from the Partition Tales series:... Continue Reading →

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