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Freedom Tales: Ram Gopal’s Bitter Sweet Memories

Ram Gopal Arora, a resident of Kashipur, Uttarakhand, recalls the day United India became free. The freedom came at the cost of the partition of the country in two parts: India and Pakistan.

Mr. Arora was a grade 10 student when he first heard about the partition. And since that very day, he embarked upon a journey to a “new home”.

He recalls the night of the partition, its aftermath and the hardships he faced. He has bitter sweet memories of that time. While the challenges he and his family faced that time still ache his heart, he fondly remembers his Muslim friend from Pakistan who helped him survive the most difficult time of his life.

It was difficult for him and his family to leave everything behind but he managed to find a new life in India and became an Indian railways employee.

Watch him narrate his adventurous journey from Pakistan to India in 1947.

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Shreya Pareek