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Akkai Padmashali: Finding Her True Self

Akkai was born in a male body but she always felt like a girl. This is her story of finding her true identity and how she became a woman.

Akkai Padmashali from Karnataka was born in a male body. However, she always felt like a girl. Her parents often tried to “cure” her. Akkai faced severe torture and bullying while growing up. This forced her to drop pout of school aft6er 10th grade.

An encounter with a group of transgenders in Bangalore gave Akkai a ray of hope. She wanted to be like them.  After many years of abuse and trauma, Akkai found her true self. She became the first person in Karnataka to undergo sex reassignment surgery. She also got her driving license and voter id with her gender mentioned as female. Akkai is now a social activist and works towards the rights of women, children, and sexual minorities. She runs an organization called Ondede.

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