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Issues Faced by Acid Attack Survivours During Coronavirus Lockdown

From delayed treatments to unemployment, many fears linger on acid attack survivours of India during COVID19 Pandemic. Here is our report on the issue and how you can help them.

Girls who face acid attacks are already vulnerable both physically and emotionally. During the lockdown, they have been facing issues with timely treatment. For many of them, it can be life-threatening. A large number of such women can be out of work with no way to earn a living.

Little girl Julie had to undergo neck surgery a few months ago. Due to the pandemic, she could not get timely aftercare and medical follow-ups. Due to which, her entire surgery was a waste and now she has to undergo the same operation all over again.

Pramodini from Odisha lost her eyesight after the attack. She was blind for nine years and then suddenly two years ago, she could start seeing little bit from one eye. For her to continue with her little vision, she needs regular check ups. The lack of timely medical help can take her back to a state of complete blindness.

The government does not have any policy for acid attack survivours. During the lockdown, the Indian government announced a monthly aid of Rs 333 for three months to the survivours. This aid is not just insufficient but also has not reached all the girls yet.

Delhi based organization Chhanv Foundation has been taking care of all their medical expenses. Their main source of income is Sheroes Hangout cafe which employs 30 acid attack survivours. Due to the lockdown, the cafe got shut down and the foundation started running out of money. They started a crowdfunding campaign to provide these women with monthly financial support. The funds will be used to pay 30 acid attack survivours a monthly financial aid of Rs 10,000 for six month.

You can check out the campaign here.

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