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Presenting weekly round up of news you might have missed. From incredible scientific breakthroughs to pay parity in cricket. There is a lot of incredible stuff that happened. Find out what happened in the last week of August.

India launched the Aditya-L1 rocket, equipped with seven indigenous scientific payloads, to study the sun’s outer layers, shortly after its successful lunar mission. The rocket embarked on its four-month journey at 11:50 am on Saturday. 

(Credit- BBC)

 The Supreme Court of India has ruled that children born from void or voidable marriages are entitled to inherit their parents’ property, limited to Hindu joint family properties governed by Hindu Mitakshara Law. 

The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has equalised match fees for the women’s team with the men’s team, citing record attendances and viewing figures during the Women’s Ashes. This change came into effect immediately, coinciding with the three-match T20 series against Sri Lanka starting on August 31st.

(Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

Chinese megacities like Beijing have significantly reduced air pollution levels, leading to a 42% decrease since 2013, resulting in an extended urbanite lifespan of 2.2 years, as reported by the University of Chicago’s Air Quality Life Index, reflecting government efforts in the “war on pollution.”  

(Credit- China Daily)

In a historic ruling, 16 young plaintiffs secured victory in their lawsuit against the state of Montana, (USA) asserting a violation of their constitutional right to a clean environment.The court also deemed certain Montana laws promoting fossil fuels as unconstitutional, acknowledging the plaintiffs’ standing and the potential to change government conduct.

(Credit- Smithsonian Magazine)

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