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Jamna Bhavsar’s Fight for Acceptance

Jamna from Gujarat got HIV from her husband. Listen to her podcast to know more about her journey.

Jamna Dilip Bhavsar, a 36-year-old lady from Ahmedabad found out her HIV+ status nine years ago. Jamna’s husband was HIV+, the status he and his family had kept hidden from her.

Unaware of the fact that her husband was HIV+,  Jamna caught it too. She found out her status only when a doctor called her to the clinic along with her husband.

Jamna’s condition started worsening too. She became weak, her immune system became vulnerable and started feeling sick. She got some medicines, but it didn’t work for her. In fact, it further deteriorated her condition. Jamna lost a lot of weight, her eyesight became frail and she could barely stand.

“I was almost on a deathbed. I went to a different doctor and got admitted to the hospital. I spent three months on the bed and picked up my life again,” she said.

Jamna had mentally defeated HIV, but she had bigger battles to fight. Jamna gathered her life again and took a job in a garment factory. She single-handedly manages her house and supports her children’s education. Her health has been stable for many months now.

Listen to her podcast to know more about her journey.

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