Can This be the New Way to Elect A Right Politician?

Among several fake promises before elections and ignorance towards the community once a candidate is elected, can public figure out a way to select a genuine candidate? Here is a story where citizens of a constituency in Bangalore are given powers to remove the MLA from its post if he fails to perform his duties properly. Can this be a new way to elect a right candidate?

Karnataka will witness elections on May 12, 2018 in all 224 constituencies of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. The announcement of results will take place on May 15.

As the people of the state gear to elect their representative, there have been regular campaigns and promises being done by the politicians. But how do we make sure that we elect someone who will actually bring some change? How do we make sure to hold politicians accountable if they are unable to fulfill their promises?

Alexander Rodriguez, contesting as an independent candidate from Rajarajeshwari Nagar has come up with a unique way to ensure that the general public has more power once a candidate is elected.

Using a Rs 200 stamp paper, Rodriguez has agreed to fulfill a set of duties once he is elected as an MLA in the Rajarajeshwari Nagar constituency. And if he fails to do so in a stipulated time frame, he has asked people to remove him from the power.

Alexander Rodriguez

The Agreement between Alexander Rodriguez and “Voters of the Rajarajeshwari Nagar Constituency” states,

“I, Alexander Rodriguez contesting as an independent candidate from Rajarajeshwari Nagar for the Karnataka Assembly elections 2018. In the event that I am elected as an MLA for the above-mentioned constituency, I would like to give the powers to the voters to remove me from my post if I fail to perform the duties mentioned in this legal document within stipulated time frames.”

Some of the duties mentioned in this agreement are:

  1. Roads will be cleared of potholes/trenches. (Time frame 30 days). Previous incomplete roadworks will be completed within six months.
  2. Towing away of vehicles will be stopped until adequate parking space is provided
  3. CCTVs will be installed and maintained in all public areas (Timeframe 90 days)
  4. Lakes, water bodies will be restored (Timeframe 1 year)
  5. Education in government schools and colleges will be upgraded (Timeframe 1 year)
  6. A demand for a bill to dismiss a corrupt official rather than suspension (1st assembly elections)
  7. Every three months during Rodriguez tenure, an audit report of his bank accounts and properties will be made public. Any excessive funds or properties found other than the salary, allowances, property, and loan allotted to an MLA by the government, such will be utilized for the development of the constituency.

Here is a complete list of his duties mentioned int he agreement:

Can this be a new and courageous way to appoint an MLA? Can the power given to the public to remove the elected representative if he/she fails to perform their duties help them in selecting a good candidate? Can this be a story of change?

Photos: Alexander Rodriguez

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