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Bangalore is hosting the prestigious Global Citizenship Conference, 2019. Here is all you need to know about the event that brings global changemakers together under one roof.

Cynthia Muhonja’s childhood memories are unlike anyone else. Born and raised in Ghana, Cynthia lost her mother at a young age and was at the receiving end of mental and physical torture. As she grew up, she found her own path against all odds. She founded Life Lifters Organisation in Kenya to incubate many young girls like her and try to connect them to life-changing opportunities.

She started many other initiatives to empower young girls and tackle environmental issues through art. Today, she is an inspiration to many women across the world.

Cynthia Muhonja, Melton Fellow, Ashesi University, Accra, Ghana

“It shouldn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl– you are a human being,” Cynthia said.

Her traumatic past fueled her to ensure other people, especially women weren’t the victims of gender inequality and deprived of education.

Cynthia is one of the many changemakers associated with the Melton Foundation, an organisation that promotes and enables global citizenship as a way for individuals and organizations to work together across boundaries to address global challenges.

Through their fellowship program, Melton Foundation works with young social change leaders and helps in developing their skills, into a lifelong network.

There are many social leaders who have found much-needed support through this fellowship program. A group of three Melton Fellows, Marleen Haupt and Julian Klauke from Germany and Nickhil Sharma from India came together to conduct interviews focusing on the influences of the India-Pakistan conflict on people’s lives, as part of Project Narratives.

“Sadly, although many of them responded very positively about our project and tried to help us as much as they could, it proved to be futile in the end, largely to the difficult situation between India and Pakistan and the delicate matter of state sovereignty, expressed in the power of a government to grant or deny access,” the team of Project Narratives said.

With a mission to bringing global perspectives together to enable local solutions, Melton Foundation is organising Global Citizenship Conference, 2019 in Bangalore, India.

The event will host hundreds of inspirational ideas and stories. Happening from the 23rd – 29th September 2019, the conference aims at providing a culturally diverse and intellectually enlightening experience with delegates from over six different countries; Germany, China, Chile, Ghana, the USA, and India.

At the 2018 Global Citizenship Conference in collaboration with NetImpact in Phoenix, Arizona!

The 25th of September presents an opportunity for students, young professionals, and activists to be part of a transformational experience at B.M.S College of Engineering in Bangalore, India!
The #IndiaGCC2019 Open Day is an opportunity to meet like-minded achievers in the social impact field, share your story, and seek inspiration, social change, and innovation.

The carefully curated events include SpringBoard Sessions, Networking lunch, Hands-on Workshops culminating in a Cultural Evening Showcase.

Check out for more details on registrations for the Open-Day.

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