Freedom Tales: Bhagwan Das Aneja’s Long Way to Home

Bhagwan Das Aneja Jee was living a peaceful life in Pakistan until one day a truck showed up in front of their doorsteps. After Independence, Bhagwan Das Jee and other people of the Hindu community were asked to vacate the area overnight. The family packed their bags and left Pakistan to find a new home... Continue Reading →


Dabba Dol: A Unique Way to Stop Open Defecation

Pradeep, a 15-year-old kid from rural Madhya Pradesh is toppling the villager's water vessels to stop them from defecating in open. From people getting angry, awkward and frustrated to understanding the Dabba Dol gang, the results have been funny and successful.

The Rise of Anju Rani and How this 15-year-old Made her Village Child Labour Free

"Why should I be scared if I am speaking the truth?" Anju said as she spoke enthusiastically about the many girls she has helped to attend school. Today, even the older and the orthodox generation of Daulatpur listens to this teenager. They not only agree with what she says, but also support her in her mission. But how did Anju Rani get here? How did she change the mindset of one of the most backward set of people?

Lambani of Koppal: An Incomplete Tale

“I was married when I was 16, I have a kid. I didn’t go to school, but I want my child to be literate. My husband left just after Shiv (her son) was born and hasn’t returned yet. I haven’t even spoken to him for six months. I don’t know if he will ever be back.”

Power of Women |Short Story|

Rural women in a village near Trichy had to walk several hours to relieve themselves. A substantial time of the day was spent in going to a remote location to defecate. They came up with the idea of creating community toilets in the center of the village to make them easily accessible. A spot in... Continue Reading →

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