A Water Filter Worth Rs 20 is Providing Clean Drinking Water to Karnataka

When the students of a school lacked access to clean drinking water in Belgaum, a 22-year-old engineer came up with a portable, affordable and effective water filter to solve the issue. The pocket-sized water filter costs just Rs 20 and can purify water instantly.


MITTI: An Overwhelming Journey of Differently Abled and How a Simple Job Changed Their Lives

What can a simple cafe do? Well, it can change lives. And this is exactly what MITTI Cafe has done. A cafe managed and run exclusively by differently-abled people, MITTI has brought not just the positive behavioural change in its employees but has also led to an actual physical change. Read more about the amazing cafe and its heartwarming journey!

Weaving Livelihood in the Narrow Lanes of Gajendragad

Vishwanath Kenchi, a 50-year-old weaver from Gajendragad, Karnataka spent 25 years struggling to make his ends meet. The meagre wage and poor condition of weavers made him start a handloom production business in 2007. Today, after 10 years, he has 50 looms in his units and 120 weavers work under him. His annual profit of 2016 stood tall at Rs 90 lakhs. This is how a humble weaver became a beacon of hope for the entire weaving community in Gajendragad.

“They Abandoned Their Child Because I donated her my Blood”

An infant was abandoned by her parents because Rekha, a transgender donated blood to her. They left the baby in front of Rekha’s door and never came back. Rekha adopted the baby and raised her. Rekha’s story is not new. Often transgenders face discrimination when it comes to blood donation. Read more about Rekha’s journey, how the LGBTQ community has been “banned” to donate blood and what you can do about it.

POSITIVE: Being HIV+ in Rural India

Women from rural India gather enough courage and come together to speak about their HIV positive status, how they got it and how they have been living an inspiring life in spite of many challenges. Hear and watch their hearttouching stories in their own words.

Power in Her Hands: The Women Political Leaders of Rural West Bengal

In spite of gender based reservations, women electives in rural political space act as mere figureheads and fail to bring an effective change on the ground. But a few women from rural West Bengal have not just proved to be effective political leaders, but also inspired other women to speak their mind. Read more about the lives of these inspiring leaders and how they did it

Solving Water Woes of Indian Farmers One Borewell at a Time

Farmers in Hubali were digging one borewell after another looking for water to irrigate their farms. Some of them dug around 30 borewells and still faced water scarcity. All of this changed when they adopted a simple and low cost method of borewell recharge. Today, they have abundant water throughout the year and a flourishing crop. This is how they did it!

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