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The Stories of Change is on a mission to document stories of social, rural, and environmental change. We are true to our journalistic standards and aim to provide you first hand information.

Often this requires extensive research and travelling, which becomes difficult for a small team like us.

This is where you come in picture. You can help us in documenting these amazing stories. We need more local voices in the media and we seek your support to achieve that.

You can support us in following ways:

1. Share stories and ideas

We are constantly looking for unheard story ideas from across the world. You can share a complete story with us that you would like us to publish. Or if you have a story idea that you’d like to explore, share that with us as well. We would love to help you transform your story idea into a complete story.

You can submit your stories and ideas through this google form:

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2. Share photos and videos

You can create original photos and video films and submit them to us. Share your ideas about what topics/ areas you wish to make a film on. We can take it further from there.

You can record content for The Stories of Change on your cell phone camera. Please share your audio/video clip links through this Content Upload Form:

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3. Share research

Found some mind blowing research that you’d like everyone else to read? Share the links with us. You can even help us re-rewrite that research for other readers,

Upload your research through this Content Upload form

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4. Sponsor Our Stories

You can support our journalism by sponsoring one or more of our stories. You can fund our ongoing series of stories or can start a fresh series on a topic that you’d like to support.